Saturday, June 23, 2007

Six and a half months

I could just squeeze him to pieces.
This face just cracks me up. Jase was tired and hungry which didn't help his mood when he wanted the camera and we would not let him grab at it.

First time in the baby pool.

He thought he was hot stuff and did not get upset at all!

Reaching for the squirting water that I was shooting at him.

Good times!!

Jase in his Amish highchair that Grammy and Grandpa got him.

He thinks he is real big in this.

Here is Jase in the video monitor while he naps.

Titi Maria and Jase...boy we sure do miss her.

His favorite toy of all...JUMPIE, JUMPIE!!

Too cool for school

ps...this was taken right after the crying photo. My handsome boys!


Abuelito said...

I've been waiting for the new update and here it is! Great pictures! Enjoyed them all especially the one of the two Jasons laughing/smiling together. Great shots. Check Q's My Space for his updates.

Meaghan said...

ah!! what a fantastic father/son pic! you should definitely put that one in a frame! i love the crying pic too!

titi said...

What great photos! Boohoohoo! What great smiles.

Anonymous said...

They look like twins!! So cute. I'm glad he likes to swim:)

love, ERIN

Anonymous said...

He is getting so big! Great pictures.

lillasysteryster said...

I must say that Jason sr has really white and shiny teeth!! I guess little Jason will look the same in a couple of years :-D

Mrs. V said...

In the first pic Jase looks like he is saying, "What are you doing over there, Dad?"
When you're a dentist your teeth can always be white, white, white. The rest of us have to pay!
I am missing that little boy, every two weeks is not enough to watch him grow. Is he talking, yet?