Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy B-Day! 6 Months old

We can't even believe it but Jase has been with us for 6 months now. It has truly been the best thing that could have happened to us. We have such a purpose in life now. He is getting so big and doing new things every day! He loves to sit up now and can even scoot his way on his belly. It's not crawling yet but he is showing signs that it will be soon. He loves to lift his head out of the carseat trying to see all that he can see. He makes bubble noises with his mouth and really talks up a storm. He has a smile that is to die for!!

He loves to play with his toys hanging in front of him!
Daddy has him standing in his crib....oh dear teaching him early! Check out the knuckles.


Two chins are in style now...duh!

innocence is bliss

He loves looking at his rocket rascal pals on his bedding.


Dad said...

Nice! Tonight I started working on his room.....

Maria said...

Those photos are so adorable. Only a few days till I get to see him.

titi said...

Jase your eye just mistify me...love Great titi Liany!

Jason, he will be standing soon enough and jumping over that rail, soooo hold on to him tight a bit longer!

Meaghan said...

he just looks so sweet! :) i know he's so much fun! he's adorable! you and jason did good!! :)

ps. how do you spread the pics out like that? so you can make a comments below each one??