Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

What a special day it is for us. It's our first Valentine's Day with Jase! Jason gave me a dozen pink roses, which were delivered to the house. At first I was puzzled at who would send me flowers because if they were from Jason then he would just bring them home with him. I joke that for a moment I thought I had a secret admirer! But to my surprise the card inside said that the roses were from Jason, Jase and Chopper. How special!!

Last week Jase went to the doctor for his two month checkup. He had to have four shots and one drinkable immunization. It was so pitiful to watch his face as the nurse administered each shot. His little eyes opened really wide and then he would let out a piercing scream. The poor guy was fell asleep after I fed him when we left appointment and slept for over five hours. I had to wake him once to feed him. He whimpered and cried in so much pain when he wasn't sleeping. We gave him Tylenol to make him feel better and after that long nap he seemed like his old self. He even slept like regular that night, which surprised us because he had slept so long during the day. At his appointment he weighed 15lbs 4ozs which is higher than 97 percentile of children his age, then his height was 23 and 1/2 inches (squirming) which is higher than 75 percentile then his head measured 16 inches and is in the 90 percentile. Yes folks we are raising a beautiful gentle GIANT.


Abuelito said...

Looking good! He sure is big and no doubt will continue to get bigger and bigger. So sorry to hear that his shots hurt him so much. Would've broken my heart for sure to have heard him screaming.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby:( There is nothing more sad than when they get those first shots. Glad to hear he is growing so well. Give that boy kisses for me. love, ERIN

Anonymous said...

Awww CG, he is gorgeous! He looks just like your dad!! I'm so sorry about his shots... that's part of it. I cried my eyes out when my kids got their first ones. You and Jason have a beautiful son!! I love your blogs!

Teresa Shattuck