Monday, November 20, 2006

Stylin' Babe

I was looking for some cool onesies that would match some of Jason's shirts but they were all so expensive. After searching online I found some iron-on decals. I went and bought some black clothing dye. The first time I dyed them they turned out a gray color so I had to dye them again to get them near black in color. Now Baby Ames can be cool like his daddy. Speaking of cool dads, Jason has made us all so very proud. We will be staying in Augusta two more years after Jason graduates from dental school. He has been selected to be in the Endodontics program at MCG. He is the first student to enter the program straight out of dental school in all the years the school has been opened. Cool, huh?


maria said...

Good job on the onesies. Congratulations to Jason. That's a great accomplishment.

Mrs. V said...

Gee, it makes me feel I have to bow down to him, first person EVER to be given this privilege. Congratulations, love you Jace!!

Kim said...


you did an awesome job on the shows me, "where there's a will, there's a way!!

Kim (keona's bff)

lillasysteryster said...

Cool clothes! :-)

titi said...

Congratulation Jason. We will miss you all here in Ohio.

The onesies are very orginial. Way to go CG.

Love titi

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the dye won't rub off on the babe!! Awesome work, Jason:) That is a great accomplishment!!
love, Erin