Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sue goes on his 1st football recruiting trip to UGA

Jason and I were able to go to the Georgia football game yesterday and watch them play against Mississippi State. We got two free tickets from my friend April's coworker. So my dad went and got the tickets from April and then he and my mother met us just outside of Athens in Watkinsville (about 50 miles from their home) to give us the tickets Saturday morning. We only got to see them for a few minutes because the game was at 1pm and we needed to find a parking spot and make it in time to walk to the stadium for the kick-off. Jason was a little nervous because it's a long trip from the parking deck that we normally park at and it's all up hill to the stadium that's about a mile away. I told him I could do it but it may take us a while due to me needing some pit stops. As many of you know that have been pregnant before, walking can be painful in the hip and pelvis region, especially with only 6 weeks left! So we tailgated by ourselves for a little while and Jason enjoyed a couple mixed drinks while I drank a Non-Alcoholic St. Pauli beer. It is quite tasty and tastes just like a regular beer. They are not light beers so they fill me up fast, especially after chugging a lot of water in order to be hydrated for the day's event. We began our journey to the stadium when we came upon some buses taking people from the parking deck to the stadium. THANK YOU!! Jason and I were more than excited because this meant we would make it before halftime and he didn't have to listen to me moan and whine about how badly my body was hurting me. I fully intended on trying my hardest not to complain about my body's aches and pains, but now I was let off the hook!! The weather was perfect and our seats were great, as you can see in the photos. During the game we got some hot dogs and french fries to snack on. After eating those, I leaned over to Jason and said "If you see the Cotton Candy guy, get me a bag." He thought this was hysterical and shortly after the Cotton Candy guy appeared. Jason was so astonished by me eating the cotton candy (because normally I do not eat such sweet, sticky items) he had to take pictures of me eating the light and fluffy delight. The Georgia Bulldogs did not play their best but we had a magnificent time otherwise. Sue says GO DAWGS!!!


titi said...

Great Outing! Wait until you get up here and experience a day at the SHOE! You both look great.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun time. Always love a good football game. :) Talk to you soon.
love, ERIN

Mrs. V said...

Leany, do you know something Jason doesn't know about Ohio and going up there??? He has not gotten word, yet, but they have their fingers crossed.
Linda, this is the college team Stefan's hat is can show him these pictures so he can see the GA Bulldog Spirit.
Carmen, too bad those were not 4 tickets!!! The cotton candy guy is in the halftime photo behind you. Well, you might not like cotton candy but Sue obviously does!!!

niya said...

I can't believe you were eating sweets!

titi said...

NO I don't know anything. I do have my candles lit. Has he been in communications with THE OSU bunch? it is 522 a.m. and 33 degrees may be it will get to be forty today/ I am not ready for winter bbrrrr!!!!!