Friday, September 29, 2006

Sue (a.k.a. Birddawg) has a CRIB!!

As I said in my last post, my parents got us a crib and I promised I would post a picture of it once we got it up. Well my magnificent husband put the darn thing together all by himself today while I was at work. All I asked him to do was opent he box so I could look at the wood to tell my father if it was nice. Here is a picture of it that he took with his cellphone and sent to me. I am so excited that I had to post using that same photo. I can't wait to go home and see it! Yipee!!


Mrs. V said...

Birddawg is better than Sue, I think. And what a crib, wow, it looks cream color but what a fantastic photo with that cell phone, top quality. Does the rocker need to be painted white now??? We hope you love it and use it for all your babies!!!
besOs, mOm

Maria said...

I like Sue better.

Nice crib. I think you should paint the crib and rocker black to match his daddy's harley.

Your baby is very lucky to have parents like you and grandparents like mom and dad.

titi said...

The hands of a Dentist never fail you!! Way to go Jason!!! Are you sure, you don't want to be a Prosthodontist?

The crib is beautiful. Is it one that grows with the baby?

niya said...

The crib is so cute!