Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stop the Pop

I found a product that I am sure I am going to need very soon. It is called "Popper Stoppers" and it is used to push down your belly button when it shows through your clothes. As a few of you already know, I have an outie belly button so my belly button is probably going to REALLY stick out through my clothes (possibly to the point of perversion). When the time comes I am going to invest in a supply of these. They are made by a brand called Miss Oops.


Anonymous said...

I have an outie, too, but I won't be needing one of those contraptions.

Anonymous said...

you definately should get those because people are crazy and insist on pushing on your outie beely button. sickies

titi said...

where do you find this stuff??!!:-)
I'm laughling so hard that my side hurts..