Sunday, June 18, 2006

16 Weeks

I am officially 4 months pregnant. The part of the stomach above my belly button has grown a couple of inches so it's really made my stomach look more round. I went shopping yesterday and officially bought my first maternity items of clothing. Ross had some great deals and I even got a pair of maternity jeans for $8.50!! I swore I would not wear any pants with those elastic bands but I have discovered something to change my mind. I have found that when I buy a bigger size jean they do fit better on the waist but I end up looking like I have a "load" in my pants. So if I buy the elastic waist then they are better fitting and looking on my rear end.

About four weeks ago I was wearing some jeans that were a little snug on my belly and I had this strange fluttering in the lower left part of my stomach. I immediately leaned back and it stopped so I didn't really think too much about it. I have had similar flutters after that and realized that I may be feeling the baby earlier than I had expected. They say that first time mothers don't know what to expect so they miss these first movements as being the baby. I only notice them every once in a while when I am sitting still and not distracted by anything else. I can't wait to really feel the baby kick me good and then for when Jason (and everyone else) can feel the baby move. Next monday is our next appointment so hopefully we will know what the sex of the baby is. So pray that the baby cooperates for us.


titi said...

There are reasons for those WIDE stretchy bands on those nice fitting is called COMFORT!!!YOURS!! The baby will tell you to sit up straight and make room for me..I need to stretch MOM!! Sheryl told us she never had such great posture until she was carrying Aaron. He liked to sit up straight into her chest area with his bottom firmly planted in her bladder area. Great feeling that I can only imagine. You look great, niece of mine. Hugs all around.

Anonymous said...

ha, ha, your'e wearing elastic pants!! Funny at first but very comfortable, huh? So cute you are. Can't wait to see you, and the belly.:) love, erin

Anonymous said...

You look fabulous darling!!!!

Keona said...

Hey Girly
You are looking so hot in those photos! I hope the baby cooperates next week too so we can really start finding some items for the baby (clothes, shoes,onesies, etc.) Can't wait to see you in those maternity jeans "Miss New Booty"