Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Snow and Christmas

We had a wonderful holiday and had tons of family come and visit us. We even had snow on Christmas day! It was so beautiful. This past week it even snowed more but I will post photos of the second snow on the next post. I had a dessert themed tree this year and here are some of my favorite ornaments.

not part of the theme but I thought this clip-on mushroom ornament was too adorable.

My dad and sister found these sweet cupcakes at Nordstrom Rack.

At first the boys couldn't keep their hands off the ornaments and Jase even moved some around that he felt needed to be placed in other spots. This was one of their favorites.

Check out this most awesome Eric Carle Advent calendar! each day had an ornament to hang on the tree or present to put in the little gift boxes. Christmas day was a big star to put on the top of the tree. Thanks to my friend, Dee, for finding this on Amazon!
I bought kid size ice cream cones and they are so small I just laughed and laughed when I opened the box. It's so practical though and the boys are happy with the serving and I am happy at how tiny it is! Since the boys are dairy free we buy coconut milk ice cream and it is really good!

Trains and trucks. Boys boys boys.

Zach has been talking so much and really putting sentences together. Many things are not understood by others outside of the home but he is drastically getting better. He's our little comedian and funny guy. He is a happy little guy that is always laughing.

I love it when the boys lay on their bellies to play with their toys. Getting down on the level to really see them at another angle.

Here we are Christmas eve. We put out crackers and water for Santa. Please don't laugh too hard. I mean we are probably the only people that give Santa crackers and water but our Coconut milk and gluten/dairy free cookies are expensive! makes me giggle still.
I wrapped all the presents since the boys stuff didn't really need any assembly and they are still little and enjoy unwrapping the gifts. I heart my little white tree!

The picture is fuzzy but Zach's reaction was great.

Serious stuff opening these presents.

Jason picked out a present for Zach that was a big hit. A remote control 4-wheeler with a man on it.

Christmas should be everyday!

He went to sleep every night with it for a week.

We made it over to my parent's house through the snow and my dad dressed up as Santa. Jase was in awe, Elektra wasn't too sure if it was her "Aba" or the real Santa. Zach was pretty much mortified. When Santa handed him a present he took it but wanted nothing else to do with him.

Jase was so cute and still remembers the exact train that Santa gave him. He talked to Santa for sometime. He stood at the door and waved goodbye. He continues to talk about how Santa was there and we need to go see him.

Time for Santa to leave.

Zach and Jase fight like teenagers and it's so annoying. I can't even begin to tell you how many times Zach has bitten Jase during these spats. Many times I don't even know who started it so they both get in trouble. Ugh. I have a long road ahead of me.

We got a wonderful gift from our wonderful friends from Sweden. They sent candies from Sweden and it is really neat to taste what they eat. Our candy is a lot more vibrant in color and flavors. They also really like black licorice. The boys had a couple favorites which resembled red licorice but the flavor was delicate and enjoyable and then the Santa shaped marshmallow puffs were a tasty treat. Thanks Linda!!

Check out that those lips.

Check out that long line of trains.

Jase is a silly silly guy. As always he is a handful. He's can fly off the handle in a heart beat but with that same passion he is extremely affectionate and lovable. He loves to hug and kiss all the time. He is always happy, never sad or down. Okay he cries when hurt or upset but it never lasts long. He is so good inside.

Of course with the snow came new Thomas adventures.

Zach did not want to stop playing to have his photo taken. Jase's expression of love is so sweet in this picture. I love my three men!

We can hardly ever get a photo right!

Pulling his wagon through the snow.

Pushing his Transformer through the snow.

Stanley going on a snowy adventure. Check out the snow falling in mid shot.

It's hard to remember that Jase is still a "baby" but this photo proves just how baby he is.

Jason and Jase having a blast rolling down the hill. Too, too cute!

Wait guys! I am coming.

ATTENTION!!!! Jase received this book for his birthday in the mail. It came with no packing slip so we have no idea who sent it. If you could let me know who sent it, I want to send a thank you (when I get to those!!).

Jason's Aunt sent a play rug and here is Zach pushing his trucks and cars along it.

Check out our adorable nephew!

One of the few pictures that came out clear and everyone looking at the camera.

Jason's brothers in this picture just crack me up. Boys never really grow up!!

Grandparents with the grandbabies. cute.

My friend from San Fransico was in town for the holidays and I was luckily enough to get to see her and her adorable one year old baby boy. I miss them tons. Move to Georgia guys!!!


Amy said...

Great update! How's Zach's rash? I forgot to ask you about that in your last update...

Meaghan said...

Yay! An update!!

I loved this post! Those little ice cream cones crack me up, too! Not sure they would be acceptable to Ava- but I might try it!

And I love that y'all put crackers and water out for Santa! Hilarious. Love Zach's reaction to everything.

One day, your boys will play well together and love each other like crazy- may take til they're adults, though! ;)

Looks like y'all had lots of fun in the snow- and that is one serious face mask hat thing and body suit that Jason has on! yikes! hahahah..

And love that pic of Jase through his legs! I hear ya on not being able to get a good pic!

Great post!

Betsy said...

pic of zach with dad on Christmas morning is priceless!

Maria said...

Super cute photos! I love my nephews.

kyle said...

I like the photos of the ornaments on the white tree. Very nice. I also like the Orange-Headed Snow Monster.