Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Zach turned TWO!

I just loved the way Jase's hair looked in this photo.

It was raining and no lightning or thunder so I let the boys play in the rain. They had a blast!

This is a super happy face.

Yes I will continue to dress them identical as long as I can then I will just coordinate them!

Who knew rain could be so much fun.

One evening I had to bathe the kids and get them ready for bed alone so we sat together watching some boob tube waiting for daddy to come home. This is a rare moment in our house.

Zach has some cute tan feet and little toes.

Zach had his second birthday party. It was a small affair but went really well. My friend, Erin and her family came because her husband and Jason wanted to go hunting. Perfect timing! Here is her youngest Bowen super excited about party time.

Birthday boy was really really happy. Check out that pacifier toothy smile. This was pre-first haircut.

Going in for a taste before the party starts.

His reaction to being told No. Yep, this is seen on a daily basis at least once.

Jase eyeing the chocolate dipped rice krispy treats on a stick.

We had a pin the gumball on the gumball machine game to match the gumball machine cake.

Jason cooking up some hamburgers and hot dogs for the crew.

A picture of the cake.

Opening presents.

Some of the audience.

Really really excited to see a tractor in that package.

I love old school toys being cool again. I had to buy this smurf mobile.

Here's that face again, really annoyed with his brother for trying to take away a toy.

My friend Dee's husband and son Corbin. Isn't he cute.

Jase checking out the new gifts.

Zach and Bowen really like each other. It's so funny to see them together. Good thing Bowen is so patient and knows how to play.

Great birthday party to end Zach's second year. Thanks everyone for making it memorable.


Amy said...

I can't believe he's already two! Time flies! I love his cute dimples in the picture of him smiling from ear to ear...I hope everything is going well!

Maria said...

Great photos. Thanks for posting again.

Meaghan said...

Super cute boys!!! Is that the new place or did these pictures happen before the move?

Happy birthday to your baby!!

Andrea said...

I cannot believe our babies are two years old!!! Time goes by so fast. Of course, the boys are so cute and it looks like the party was a blast! :)

Keona said...

OMG, totally missed this bday and can't believe how big the boys have gotten. Give them kisses for me!

Betsy said...

the one of you and the boys is just amazing. love the top one of jase too - he is sssooooo handsome!

eileen said...

Did you get a new camera? Those photos are fantastic! and Jase looks so handsome with his new haircut.