Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our new little friend in our house, Penguin the Nebulizer. Jase started wheezing a few weeks ago. While in the doctor's office they wanted him to have a breathing treatment done. I was so nervous that he was going to freak out and lose his mind over doing it. Well he was a little anxious but did awesome and his oxygen levels went right up after that. He was diagnosed with the beginning of pneumonia because of fluid in one of his lungs. After 10 days of taking some really nasty medicine (and I mean nasty!) he was all better. Zach even got sick but didn't have pneumonia but had to do the breathing treatments also. They have a pacifier adapter that blows the medicine in his nose while he sucks on the pacifier. So cute.

Jase doing his breathing treatment like a big boy.

Say hello to our "swarm of bees". These bees came one afternoon while Jason's parents were here visiting us. (yes, it's been that long since I updated the blog!!) Luckily Jason's dad saw the bees or we would have not known that they had invaded the wall of our house. Jase was none too please about the sight of all these bees. He kept say "oh no! oh no!" and boy that couldn't have been a more appropriate response. As you can see there were thousands and thousands of them.

Zach investigating the bee situation.

There they are starting to cluster in two areas.

This is when we really began to worry. So we took a look outside and found that they were squeezing into the side of our house.

So we called in a professional to come and spray them to tell them to leave and go somewhere else.

The bee man doing his work. Jason said that he duct taped his outfit around the wrist and ankles to keep the bees out. Shortly after that they did leave the house but were getting nectar in the bushes all around our house.

Our friends Erin, Ben and three of their kids came to visit us. Here is Bowen chowing down on some breakfast. Get it all in there Bo!

The boys all together.

"Everybody look at me and say Cheese!" no luck.

So a couple of days after the bee guy came, Jase pushed his wagon through the front bushes and before we knew it. The wagon was covered in bees. I didn't get to witness it because Erin is the one that had to come swoop Jase up and run away from the bees. When we went back to look at the wagon he was pulling all the bees were gone. We couldn't figure out what had happened. Well, Jase went out later and found them. Hanging out in the bush.

How freaky is this?? They are all hanging on each other and the size of a football. Ewe. Well this was gone two days later. Hopefully they found another house to set up their home and make honey.

Zach is my salty food eater. He is not into cakes, cookies, ice cream...you get the idea. He loves all of our dinner and this is him after eating some rice and beans. He does make the sound "Bba" for book, makes the "Ja" sound for Jase, "mama", "up", "poop" (which he told me today that he had poop right when he was pushing it out) and he still signs to have milk, eat, drink, book, bath, and down.

Jase has been wanting binoculars for sometime now. So for Easter he got some. They are some cheapo ones that I got at Toys R Us. They don't do the job so we are going to have to get him some better ones. Which by the way I tried to return and the store would not take them back because we did not have the original packaging! I tried to do an even exchange so then I would be able to return those in the original package but I guess they figured out what I was planning on doing and then retracted their statement of being able to do an even exchange. So make sure you keep the original package, even if you have the receipt for items you purchase at that store. Grrr....waste of 10 bucks.

Jase is so smart and is doing really well in his ISR refresher course. He is a character and laughs during those swim lessons. His instructor says she has never had a student quite like him.

Zach is doing good in his lessons as well. He pretty much has to start from scratch because he was so young when he did them the first time and now he has to learn to swim to the stairs when before all he had to do was learn how to flip over and float on his back. He cries and cries the entire time. Poor guy thinks we are torturing him and that the instructor is trying to drown him. I look forward to when he is finished and can swim to the side.

Playing on the driveway. The boys love being outside and digging in the yard and running back and forth on the driveway with their toys and wagons. Jase's hair is getting to be a nuisance so SOON it will be cut and donated. I made an appointment for him to get it cut.

I love how this picture shows that Jase is still a "baby". You can see those fat hands and that fold from the arms to the wrist.

Zach with his Easter wagon for the beach toys.

Anyone remember this outfit from Jase. We love to see Zach wear Jase's clothes.


Zach loves Jase so much and hugs him when he can get a chance. Jase is beginning to hold Zach's hand and walk with him and hugs him too. Sometimes just a little too strong though and Zach hates that.

It's serious business pulling that wagon up and down the driveway.

Baby face. I am going to miss this hair. I hope that he doesn't freak out when he sees himself without the long locks. He has started to twirl it with his fingers and likes to wrap it around his wrists.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what Jase looks like without the long locks. It is great that you are donating it!


Betsy said...

look at all the bees? when don and cheryl told me I never expected there were that many?!

Did you ask the swim teacher what she meant by not having any other students like Jase? I wonder what she meant - is he quick at learning? stubborn since he already knows what he is doing? what?

oh, and you better post that hair cut within minutes - I cannot even picture him with short hair!

titi said...

Oh dear niece of mine! You are living my life with Jase! Michael was diag. with asthma when he turned two. In fact he was wheezing and sniffling when mami called from titi Ruthy's home. Titi got on the phone and told me to hang up and get my baby to the emergency room, that he was having an asthma attack!!! Our nebulizer wasn't as cute as yours. God bless him and all of you.