Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lovely Locks

This past weekend we went to visit Jason's family. The weather was great and we had a great time. It's always a nice treat to see them. Even though the boys don't see them all the time, they are so happy and excited about seeing them.

Jase loving his Grammy time!

Jase doesn't carry Thomas everywhere he goes anymore. He does like to take him outside to play in the dirt. I stopped letting him watch Thomas because it was becoming an obsession and he kept reciting the shows and wouldn't really talk about much anything else. So I think this has affected his desire/need to carry Thomas where ever he goes. Thank goodness because we only had one and it was a Christmas special!

The boys playing with their cousin Austin. Look how big he is getting. Only like an inch shorter than me and only in sixth grade.

Zach and PawPaw playing sword fighting.

Grammy and PawPaw on poop scooping duty so that the kids wouldn't step on brown glass. YUCK!!!!!

Kick that ball!

He looks like a big boy here. He swings his right arm when he really gets walking/running and sometimes tilts his head to the side when he gets excited.

They think their Grammy is really funny.

Zach had his tubes put in and his adenoids removed this week. He did really well and the doctor said that he right ear was A LOT worse than he had realized. He said it was pretty nasty. So it has been draining blood and other icky stuff. When he woke up from the anesthesia he was pretty cranky for a bit then he fell back to sleep and when they woke him up he was just like new. Happy guy eating goldfish and drinking apple juice they had for him.

Even when he was out of it coming off the anesthesia he was able to sign milk to me when he was crying! Wow, especially since he was drugged.

We had a great time in Charlotte visiting Jason's brother, Tim and his kids, Austin and Bailey. The boys love being around them. It was really cute to see how excited Jase got when he saw his cousin Austin get off the bus and then when his Uncle Tim got home from work he ran to the door and said "Hi Uncle Tim, I so happy to see you."

Zach has been known to bite Jase a time or twenty. So Jase usually runs from Zach when he thinks he's about to be bitten. Or he puts his arm to Zach's face to let him do it?! Here is what it looks like.

Jase's finger has gotten infected and looks pretty sore in this photo. It has since gotten better and we also started him on some antibiotics for precaution.

I flat-ironed Jase's hair to see how long it is and to see if it's long enough to donate to the Locks for Love. I think it's just about there but it's too close so we are going to let it grow a little longer so that we don't have to buzz cut it to get the full ten inches.

He stayed still for me while I did it and this makes me feel better to know that he may actually stay somewhat still for a real haircut. One day soon. Isn't he so cute!

We went to Monster Jam a few weeks ago and forgot to post pics. This is a video we took. The really liked it. Next time we will go to Atlanta so the arena will be bigger and they can have a better show to watch.


Amy said...

You know you can donate to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths with just 8 inches. I am planning to donate to them soon. I bet you could get 8 inches from his hair and it not be too short....

Amy said...

Maria said...

I love the photos and Jase's long hair. He's like a hair band rock star! The video of the Monster Truck Jam is to precious, especially Zach pointing.

Anonymous said...

For sure you have a team in the making. Great pics of the boys with their Grammy and Pawpaw. To me for some reason Jase has long hair, but Zach just looks like he needs a haircut. abuelito

Keona said...

Jase hair is so long and he had curls at the bottom like you curled it like that how CUTE! Im glad things went good with Zach's surgery I can only imagine how that poor guy was feeling. When I have fluid in my ear when my sinuses drain it hurts. :(

Betsy said...

When did Zach's hair get to long? I sweat that was in like the past week! So good to hear he was such a trooper. I can't wait to see Jase with the haircut - and you will have a nice story to share with him when he gets older about how he gave a sick little one some pretty hair!

Meaghan said...

in the second pic- zach looks like he's ready to "down-set-hut!" so cute!

and that hair is AMAZING!! there's SO MUCH of it!! it makes him look so different when it's all straight. how much does he have?? how much longer do you think it'll take?

eileen said...

the boys look great! and I do love Jase's rock star hair. One of my nieces had a similar biting habit for a while- she actually bit the family dog.

Got your card, thanks so much!!