Friday, October 16, 2009

Last weekend we had some great company come to visit. We went to the fair twice this week since the boys had fall break from school. We went to Monkey Joe's and today we went to a Pumpkin Patch with the mom's group. Zach has been on and off with a fever for almost a week and both boys have runny noses. Zach had his one year check up and got all those nasty shots. He didn't cry the first or the second shots then by the third one he started to get ticked off and then started to cry. I had heard of babies not crying but I thought that was insane. So if he had only had two shots he would have been one of "those" babies. He weighs 26.6 lbs, is 31 inches tall and he has a big ole noggin.
Women pay good money for hair like this!

Wagon is popping a wheelie!
and off he goes down the little hill in our yard. He loves this so much.

Good times out in the yard with family.

You can see the pink mark on his face from his injury a few weeks ago. I forgot to mention it in the birthday post. Jase burnt his face on a light bulb that I was changing. He got angry at me and charged me and his face hit the bulb I was holding. Just goes to show how delicate their skin really is. The doctor prescribed special burn medicine for it and he kept a bandaid on it (which I could not believe) and it healed nicely. Now we just have to wait for it to fade.

The mouth says it all

Jase got some new Thomas rain boots for all these rainy days. He loves them but luckily he doesn't request to wear them day and night. at least not yet.
He's all smiles and he does this funny thing where he will either close his eyes when someone tries to talk to him or he looks down.

Jase with Zach's hamper. He kept walking and running into things trying to get to me. I got up quietly and got the camera and slipped away from the chair.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe Jase is almost 3 and Zach is already one! Time so flies once you have kids!


Maria said...

Fun times. Glad Zach is enjoying his radio flyer. Jase in his Thomas rain boots is funny.

Ashley Morrison said...

I can't believe what big boys you have!! Gosh they have really grown. Ya'lls new house looks awesome, what a great yard for the boys. How's life?? Just wanted to say hello and hope you all are doing fantastic!!

Meaghan said...

such a beautiful, big yard you have!! the boys look so happy...