Friday, June 26, 2009

Beach Time 2009

I finally have a computer to post more than a sentence. We have been at my parents "spare" house for three weeks and now at the beach for a week. Zach is now able to sit up on his own from the laying down position. Which has made him get "stuck" and I have to go in and hold him and then lay him back down. Today he went to sleep sitting up and then fell forward. My dad totally thought he was suffocating and I had to move him and prove to my dad that he was fine. Jase has been talking so good but he many times says Thomas, Little Einstein, Dora and Diego phrases so you have to know the story lines to understand what he is saying. I have mostly stayed inside the beach house with the baby and Jason has been outside with Jase. Here are some photos of the family trip.

Don and Cheryl
The boys and Mom and Dad.

My parents. How freaking cute?!

The entire family (minus my sister).

Me and my BIG baby!

I had to hold Zach's hands to keep them out of his mouth. What a sweet baby.

Kind of awkward looking but it is actually one of the best! It's hard getting a picture of all of us looking.


Anonymous said...

love the fun!
love erin

Andrea said...

What awesome pictures! :)

It looks like y'all had a blast at the beach. The boys are so cute and getting so big - they grow up way too fast!

Maria said...

Love all the great photos. I wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful family. Thank you for letting us keep up with you. Love, Cindy

eileen said...

Awwww you guys look so great! Too bad MJ didn't make this trip.