Monday, February 16, 2009

One proud Mommy and her sweet boys! I can not imagine life without these wonderful children. They are truly a blessing and my love grows daily for them. (Those of you with children know what I am talking about!!)
Jase giving Zach a hug, Zach has to close his eyes and brace himself but he loves it.

Happy baby is an understatement.

Oh dear lord! Not so high!!!

The look of admiration and idolization.

Do you think he loved it or what?!

Just watching his Daddy and brother playing in the yard.


Do we have a future football player on our hands?

More like a future heart breaker!

Jason propped Zach up against the couch and Jase thought it was so "cool" and kept saying "dance, dance, jump, jump, run, run".

Here is Jase showing Zach how to dance, he was really excited about him standing up.

Zach just loves his brother so much and thinks he is the funniest thing. The face says it all. (please ladies...try to contain yourselves!)

Jase painting with his cousin Bailey.

Zach showing Grammy just how to eat and suck on his toy the right way.

Jase with his PawPaw.

(Just a little side note: Jase has been feeling tons better and you CAN tell a difference after being on his antibiotics. He has been happier and easier to calm down when getting upset. So either he is leaving a phase or the ears were the problem with this erratic behavior)


april said...

precious boys. so handsome. im glad they love each other so much

Anonymous said...

Fantastic moments captured once more in photos. Lovely babies mommy and daddy have! Zack propped up is so funny! Can't wait to see you all again. Quite certain Grammy and Pawpaw are excited with the boys. oto.

Anonymous said...

In 1 word------YUM We had such a wonderful visit with y'all. Wish it could have been better timing for Jason. YES, we all commented how well Jase behaved this visit!!! even the 2 hour wait for dinner, sleeping on an air mattress, coming in from playing to take a nap and everything else. Zach,.....what's to say!!!!!thanks again, Grammy Jason??????

Teresa said...

OMG! What gorgeous kids!!! Carmen they are growing sooo fast! Jase is gonna be a heartbreaker!! Girls at school... watchout! And Zach! He is absolutely adorable! He looks like he's the happiest baby! I hope Lauren's new baby comes out that happy!! We have 2 weeks til he gets here. Take care!

Anonymous said...

just precious, Carmen. I need to come see ya'll. I miss you... love~ erin

MaRiA said...

Dad says Zach propped up against the couch reminds him of Bernie from the movie Weekend at Bernies.