Monday, January 12, 2009

Tired of being sick!

We have been dealing with illnesses for a month now. Jase has runny nose, Zach and Jase both have terrible cough and last week we discovered they both had ear infections. It's one thing for Jase to be sick but to have Zach sick is very sad. Luckily he has had a very low fever and acting pretty much the same but rubbing his ear. Of course Jase has been extra cranky but getting much better the last couple of days.
My sister came to visit us and she brought a bunch of stuff that didn't fit in our car from Christmas. When Jase saw the box with the Thomas the Train set in it and his train table he yelled out "PRESENTS!!!"
While I was going through a Christmas bag Jase saw this lollipop in the pile of stuff and had to have some. So instead of hearing screaming and crying I opened it and let him eat it for a few minutes. I had to bribe him to get the lollipop out of his hand. I hate to admit that I used pudding to bribe him with!!

Oh my sanity saver here...he is so cute. Check out the Bumbo cover that my mother bought me.

At the doctor last week Zach weighed 17 lbs and 12 ozs!!!!!!!


He does pretty good holding himself up considering I have yet to do tummy time with him!

Oh my sweet angel, he was so cranky the other day when he woke up from nap. I finally had to put Dora on the DVD player on the table to get him to calm down and eat his lunch. It sucks to be two!

How handsome! Check out those boots...William hand-me-downs.

Zach checking out the ribbon on his Bumbo cover. Check out the link if you have a Bumbo to cover! or you can just check out the cheeks on that sweet baby boy!


Anonymous said...

Nice. I like Zach's paws and his cheeks, too! And Jase, he looks real cool with is boots, jeans and sweat shirt jacket. These two boys have all the qualities to model children's clothing. love abuelito.

Mrs. V said...

Zach cracked me up with that huge grin, he could not wear a turtleneck, he doesn't have a neck. He is loving him some Bumbo.
Looking at Jase is like looking at you CG at that age in that first photo.
Aren't I lucky, I get to see the boys on Thursday, I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

if i could just take a bite of that baby!!! so precious.

love, erin

Anonymous said...

What a nice family---such sweet boys!!! Sounds like they had such a wonderful Christmas that it took 2 vehicles to get all of their loot home. A Thomas the Train table set!!!! Jase will love playing with it and very soon so will Zach. Hope ALL are well by now. I think we are going to Ohio this weekend to see Mother. Love Grammy MISS YA'LL LOTS!!!!

Meaghan said...

that picture of jase crying at the table is heartbreaking. :( i have to addmit- i'm not particularly excited about the second year! :) and you are right...zach is SO freakin' cute in that bumbo. i'm loving those extra chins of his! he seems like such a sweet baby...can't wait to meet him someday soon!!

apie said...

holy moses almost 18 pounds. i cant believe how deliciously chunked out he is. love the first pic of jace in his stripes. both in the stripes. his jeans os cute too. cant wait to see them both again