Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jase now knows the signs for dada and mama. Finally! With signing children will attempt to do a sign and it may not look exactly the way it should but they think it does. It's really cute to see him learn how to manipulate his hands and fingers to do signs. He has discovered that he can cross his two first fingers on his left hand and just stares at his hand while he does it over and over. He loves to bring his books to me and point at the photos in them like when I do it and ask him what an object is, he even does this in the dark in his crib at night with his cloth books. The time change has messed things up a bit with naps and sleeping. He is sleeping later in the morning so I am keeping him up and trying to see if he is ready for just one nap a day. Children typically lose the second nap between 14-18 months. He seems to be doing okay and falls asleep really good at night but then has been waking up an hour or two later and it has been taking him two hours to fall back asleep. He doesn't cry at all but just tosses and turns and plays in his crib. I can't figure out what is going on. I may need to still do two naps but move his bedtime later. ??? He absolutely loves being outside but doesn't really care to play on the playground equipment when we have been. He rather pick up rocks, sticks or dirt and run away. He now doesn't like to ride in the swing now and he holds his breath and looks extremely panicked when we do it. Something new is Jase likes to blow kisses and does it to strangers too.

As for me, I am feeling good. Just having to eat several times a day, starting to get my headaches. Eleven weeks and counting. Even though it's the second time, it's still exciting and I keep waiting to feel a flutter and sometimes I think I do but it probably is gas bubble or muscle spasm.

I just love to watch him squat and play.
Two handsome fellows
He now loves his Georgia Bulldog doll
Eating sandwiches at the park.
Having sips of daddy's tea.
Jason thought maybe he would not be so scared if he held onto his hand.
He didn't like riding the turtle either
Right before going down the slide together.

I kept hearing static crackling in my ear then Jason laughed when he realized all my hair was sticking straight up. I love this photo.


Anonymous said...

neat picture of you and Jase on the is amazing!

love titi

lillasysteryster said...

He really looks afraid on the swing! Poor guy!

He´s a really handsome boy :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the outdoors/park pictures. Sooooooo sweet! Love and miss you all lots, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of you all and looks like all had a fun time except lil'Jase on the Turtle! He never forgets to open real wide when it has to do with food! Why is it that some photos can be opened bigger by double clicking on them and others don't respond to the double click? Jase looks so good in all the pictures, so photogenic,but so are his mom and dad. Abuelito

Meaghan said...

Oh...that swing picture is so sad...did holding his hand help at all?? Love the slide needs a frame. If it was Ava, I don't know if I'd mess with her bedtime...I think I'd try to lose the second nap before I changed the bedtime! Keep us updated. :)

eileen said...

Love the static slide picture!